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Inspired by Nature

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Many families can benefit from the one-on-one personalized instruction of an experienced, caring teacher. As we connect in nature, or online, we hope to foster a love of learning, help navigate your child's education experience and inspire success in academics.

Our Vision

At Sunny Shores Academy, we believe students experience positive learning outcomes when their unique learning needs are listened to and supported in a safe, happy environment. We utilize the beauty of the outdoors to guide our tutoring sessions, making learning authentic and enjoyable. When students are engaged in peaceful surroundings, through nature and meaningful play, they experience the confidence needed to tackle difficult tasks. Our goal is for our students to feel success while they improve their skills and foster a love of learning.


Our customized services are designed to nurture student academic growth, using nature and the outdoors to engage students and meet their goals.

The peacefulness of Sunny Shores Academy opens hearts and minds to learning.

“Outside, quiet children start to talk more and children who find it hard to be constrained begin to relax. Children need to be outside long enough to feel at home there.” ~Emma Shaw

"If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow.”

~Alfie Kohn

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