Tailored Teaching to Engage and Inspire Life-long Learning

We create personalized learning sessions that respect each child's unique needs and your family's education goals. We are committed to turning our students' learning into an opportunity for development and growth. Whether your child is in a traditional school setting or homeschooled, we offer both a solution to challenges and a complement to their achievements by ensuring your child is getting the most out of their education journey. Helping every student feel success and enjoy the process of learning motivates them to reach their full potential.

Melissa Kelly (Founder/Teacher)

As a mother and trained certified teacher, I understand the challenges that can accompany supporting your own child’s schooling journey. Whether we choose to homeschool, have our children in the traditional school system, or do a hybrid approach, we want to offer the best opportunity to our children to set them up for happiness and success.

As a graduate from SUNY Potsdam with a Masters in Science in Education, my teaching experience has included working with students from kindergarten to grade 10 in the public school system for over 10 years. The most rewarding part of my career has been working with children one-on-one or in small group settings and partnering with families to advocate and support their child's learning. I witness fast, direct results and above all, happy confident students who feel success. My additional qualifications include Special Education, specifically working with students with exceptionalities (learning disabilities, ADHD, ASD and giftedness) in the areas of language and math, as well as English as a second language. I value building a rapport with each student through listening to their individual learning needs and styles and getting to know their unique personalities. By embracing a variety of educational theories that respect each child’s emotional and developmental needs, I tailor learning sessions to engage and inspire their inquisitive minds. In creating a fun, caring, and happy learning environment with focused lessons, each of my students has the opportunity to improve and reach their potential.

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Emma De Sadeleer

As a fourth year Bachelor of Economics student, my real life-long passion is music. Studying economics has taught me about the business world, as it unravels the intricacies of markets and human behavior. This naturally led to starting my own piano lessons business, where I can share my love of music and guide aspiring musicians on their musical journey. Music has always been a constant source of inspiration and comfort in my life, whether composing, playing instruments, or immersing myself in captivating melodies. When I am not studying economic theories or teaching music, I enjoy journal writing in nature, along with writing my own songs, playing the piano and ukulele, reading, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Let's connect and share our enthusiasm for music, and learning!

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“Melina remembers learning sessions with Melissa as being fun. She enjoyed the one-on-one experience, the hands-on projects and learning outdoors. She had a positive experience and always looked forward to the adventure and never hesitated to attend her sessions. As a child with anxiety and learning disabilities, she always looked forward to Melissa’s friendly approach.”

Melpo and Melina

“Melissa Kelly is an exceptional teacher, and more than that, a wonderful person in terms of making real connections with her students. She helped both of our children navigate their school environments during the pandemic, and her thoughtfulness, kindness, inventiveness, and overall approach to teaching was amazing. We credit her tutoring and teaching with helping our kids survive virtual school, and with being ready to get back to in-person learning. We would highly recommend Melissa for any tutoring, teaching, or school support for all students."


“Emma is a very kind patient and dedicated teacher. My daughter loves coming to her piano lessons every week.”


"I learned that my son loves the piano from Emma's lessons. Emma is amazing, patient and hands-on."


“Melissa Kelly is a thoughtful, compassionate, and driven teacher who makes meaningful connections wherever she teaches. In a short amount of time, Melissa is able to build relationships with her students, which allows them to learn in a space in which they feel safe and cared for. Melissa gives room for her students to explore their interests within the learning environment, leading to student-driven projects and a class that is student-centered. In the 2 years we worked together, I was able to witness the profound care and dedication Melissa has for her students and coworkers. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her or become her student is a very lucky person.”


"I am thrilled to be writing a review for Melissa Kelly. She was an incredible teacher who was my children's teacher before schools closed during the pandemic, as well as a home tutor for my 9 and 10 year old during the pandemic. From the moment we began working together it was evident that she possesses a remarkable blend of expertise, patience, and dedication that truly made a positive impact on my children's progress during a difficult period."


“100% satisfied with Emma’s lessons. Emma is great, patient and flexible.”


Our four year old was engaged with Melissa the entire time through play, questions and answers, instruction, and building a craft together on the skills we were wanting to assess. Working by the pool felt so natural and fun for our daughter. Melissa gave a brief assessment to us of what she evaluated and a few takeaways from our session. Shortly after our session, she also provided a full write-up of her assessment, with some resources and action steps we can take. I definitely am recommending Sunny Shores Academy and their tailored approach and I look forward to our daughter working with Melissa in the future with the way she engaged with our daughter and made learning fun, creative, and specific to how she best learns.

Rena and Jacque

The work of education is divided between the teacher and the environment.

Maria Montessori

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